CUJO reborn


Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent? Yeah, I know she does. This is my little brown girl. This is also the one known as my Dad’s perfect favorite daughter, Tee-Tee. The reason she was known as this is because she simply was his favorite. I mean let’s think about it, she never talked back, never asked for money, or rides anywhere. She always wanted to be with him. See, favorite daughter. Heck, it took the pressure off of me.

After Dad passed, Tee-Tee became diabetic. I kept telling him that if she did become diabetic he was going to have to give her the injections. Humph! Wouldn’t you know it, she doesn’t become diabetic till after he dies. Once again it just goes to show you just how much she does love him. She waited to become diabetic until after he died so he wouldn’t have to give her the insulin shots. Let’s face it, we know Dad wouldn’t have been able to do it, and it still would have fallen on me.

I have to give her 2 shots a day. Once in the a.m. after her breakfast. That one seems to go pretty easy. I am thinking because she also gets 3 little pills at that time. I know most dogs you would have to trick them into taking the pills. NOT this one. She thinks they are treats and can’t wait for them. One is a liver flavored glucosamine and the other 2 are homeopathic tablets, Traumeel. They are for her hip and back pain. They are sugar coated so basically taste like candy to her. They are ok for her to have with her diabetes, don’t worry I checked it all out.

However, when I give her the shot in the p.m. it has become a joke. It is like she turns into CUJO. I guess she thinks it is supposed to scare me….but it doesn’t. I just smile at her and tell her to give me a kiss. She does but the whole time she is showing me her teeth (as if to scare me).

This is what Tee-Tee turns into when she gets her nightly insulin shot!

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  1. AWW...I can just picture the growly-kissy face. Teetee is a cutie.
    My co-worker was going out of town a month ago and she asked if I would give her kitty his diabetes shot and I agreed. I heard her daughter call the kitty 'demon cat' and I gotta admit, I was a bit nervous.
    I didn't have to worry...he purred and never even hissed. (I hope I gave it to him right:)