My nephew got married!

Seth & Amberlie Owens

My nephew got married on Sept 18, 2010. I still can’t believe it. It seems surreal really. My sister has 4 children and this is her oldest, Seth. They live in Alabama and I really don’t know any of her children, my nieces and nephews. It’s strange to say that and know that. I have met Seth and Caleb her 2 oldest sons. They were young… not even sure if they remember me. Ok… back onto the real subject. (Can you tell that this bothers me??)

Seth got married! He freaking got married. He married his girlfriend, Amberlie. I have never met or talked to her. They are both young. I am happy for them. The wedding was a quick wedding. They say they are not preggers. As long as they are happy that is all that matters.

Truth be told when I heard he was getting married I was a bit sad or disappointed. Not that I didn’t want him to get married. It is just that I had always imagined, well I truthfully imagined that Dad (Paw-Paw) would be there. But I guess he was there, looking down on Seth. Seth was his first grandchild. They had a special bond. Anyway I had always thought that we would be able to go; that there would be plenty of time to plan and for me and mom (Maw-Maw) to be there. To be able to be there and see everyone for a joyous occasion and not a sad one. To be able to celebrate in their new beginning.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

So I hope they had a beautiful wedding. I pray for them to be blessed with everlasting love, good health, common sense (b/c let’s face it not enough people in this world have it let alone know what it is),enough money to always pay the bills and have a little left over. May they be filled with love, and happiness in their souls and hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Owens on their wedding day
 I had to include a picture of the cakes.  My sister, Tina did them.  She did the flowers and cakes from my understanding. 

Wedding Cakes

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  1. Tam, Thanks for the blog. I wish you and Elaine could have been there. Been meaning to call you so I could try and answer all your questiions. I just have not had a moment when I felt like I could make a call. One thing and another.
    Love ya