Oh no not the “C” word

I was talking to my cousin the other day and we got into a conversation about the dreaded “C” word. You know the one, the one that most women don’t really like to say let alone hear. I happen to be one of “those” women. Well he will sometimes say it. When his wife, Michelle worked at her job, she worked a lot with people in Australia. I guess the “C” word to them is equivalent to the “F” word for us. I had heard that somewhere awhile back but have never been privy to a conversation with someone from down under to experience it! When she first started working with the Australian area it was really shocking to her. I guess within a 15 minute conversation they might use the world a half a dozen times or so. After hearing it so often she basically got used to hearing it. After some time now she has come to use it from time to time.

I think most of us have those times when something happens and it seems when only a curse word will make you feel better. We all have that special word that seems to release the stress. For some it may be F-U-C-K, S-H-I-T, D-A-M-N and for some it may even be C-U-N-T. Micah and his wife from time to time have been known to use that word.

They have 2 beautiful little girls. Need I say more? Hee hee So the other day something happened and Charlie the oldest daughter wanted to use a curse word... well here is how the conversation went.

Charlie: Mommy I want to say a bad word, a curse word, but I don’t want to upset you and Daddy.
Mommy: What is the word Charlie?
Charlie: I don’t even want to say it. I do want to say it because I think it will make me feel better.
Mommy: What letter does the word start with?
Charlie: C
Mommy: Tell you what; how about if I let you say the word now, but then you can never say the word again?
Charlie: I don’t want you or Daddy to be mad at me.
Mommy: Why don’t you go talk to Daddy then?

(Daddy has been listening to this entire conversation) Mom and Dad are both thinking that their daughter want to use “THE C” word.

Charlie: Daddy, I am upset and I want to say a curse word, I think it would make me feel so much better.
Daddy: What is the word?
Charlie: It starts with a C.
Daddy: Well if you really think that it will make you feel better then maybe you should say it. Maybe you should just say it and get it over with. Remember though that if you say it now, you can never say that word again. Do you think you can do that?

My cousin and his wife are both sarcastic smart asses at heart. They are funny hilarious. They are great parents and take wonderful care of their 2 beautiful daughters. My cousin thinks of the “C” word as the mother of all curse words. I would have to agree with him on that one. So when his daughter came to him and told him that she wanted to say a curse word and it started with a C, he was elated. He was so proud of his smart little daughter. Here she is so young, upset and she had the general idea that if you are upset enough saying a curse word is suppose to make you feel better. Meanwhile mommy and daddy are exchanging looks back and forth wondering if they should let her do this or what? If they let her do this then she has said the word and promised to never say it again for the rest of her life. But if they let her do this, will this scar her for the rest of her life?

Charlie: If you and mommy aren’t going to get mad at me then I guess I am ok with saying the word.
Daddy: We won't be mad.  We told you that it was ok for you to say it this one time. 
DRUM ROLL please.

Charlie: CRAP!

Can I just tell you that my cousin was so disappointed? It was hysterical. As soon as he started telling me the story I knew Charlie wasn’t thinking about “the C” word, at least not the one he was thinking about. Here he was thinking that his daughter was going to make him proud in such a non traditional way. And then…he was so let down. I was laughing so hard…. I almost peed myself.

Outta the mouth of babes…

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  1. It was a moment of complete confusion. Was I going to be proud or disappointed that I might have let that word slip out in front of her to learn? I love your retelling of the story!