Remember when?

The other day I was driving home and saw a father and a daughter taking a walk. She was about 3 years old and oh so cute. He was holding her hand but what struck me was she was walking on the side of the street. I immediately heard my father’s voice in my head, “A true gentleman always walks on the side of the street.” That has always stayed with me. My father always did that with me and my mother. I will never forget when he first told me that.

You just don’t see that much anymore. So of course it got me to thinking and wondering if people teach their children these types of things nowadays. Here are some things that I grew up with as a “staple” in my daily family life. It makes me wonder that if maybe these types of things were instilled upon the children growing up today that maybe, just maybe things might be a bit different.

~We had a family dinner every night. It was rare when we didn’t. It wasn’t something I dreaded either, it was rather nice. (Value = Family time is important priceless)

~My father never cursed in front of us. It was so rare that when a curse word did come out of his mouth, you knew something horrible was about to happen! (Value =A sailor mouth does not make you more of a man)

~My father always opened doors. He opened the car doors, doors to buildings and pulled out your chair for you. (Value = Chivalry is always welcome)

~We always had family conversations. I knew what was going on in the family dynamics. I wasn’t kept in the “dark”, so to speak. We always communicated. They always made me feel as if I was an important part of the family. My opinion mattered. We discussed things before they happened. I was a part of the decision making (to a certain degree). (Value = Communication is fundamental and necessary)

We weren't so caught up with our cell phones, and computers and everything and anyone else.  We knew that family was the most important.  I learned the most important lessons from my parents, not from school, not the internet, not from friends.  My family is who taught me the most important lessons in life.  They are the ones that helped me navigate my way through the tough times and have stood by my through it all. 

What happened?  Where did all of this go?  I don't see this anymore.  The parents are all caught up on their blackberries and laptops, the kids are texting or sexting or on their computers or Wiis.  No one is communicating and no one knows who is doing what.  And then the world wonders why the kids do what they do.  Parents... WAKE UP... be a family and reconnect and communicate.

I don't understand what parents /families are thinking or are they???

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