Wordless Wednesday -A Typical Day at Kitten Rescue's Sanctuary - 2009

A friend sent this to me in an email and I LOVED it.  So of course I had to share it with you's.  It was too cute not to. 



  1. My Mommeh misses the time she spent volunteering at a (no-kill) cat rescue shelter. Doing the work was fun with all the cats running around playing and the young kittens acting crazy with their toys.

  2. I actually have a fondness for kitten/cat rescue. I've never met a stray I didn't love instantly. We've even gone as far as building a 'cathouse' so the local ragamuffins have some shelter from the weather and fresh food and water on the daily. It's currently vacant because they've all been camping out on the deck, since I moved the house over to the pine tree grove. :D Guess they wanna be close to us.