Mirror, Mirror

So when I was in my 20's I looked like the girl in the mirror. Now in my 30's I look closer to the girl looking into the mirror.   I swear when I look in my mirror at home, I still look like that svelte 20 something year old.  Yet when I walk by a window or some other mirror, I am just about knocked over with utter shock to see that the person looking back at me is really me and it is so NOT that svelte 20 something yr old that I see in my mind!  Anyone else have that same bitch following them around?


  1. My mirror shows an even older, slightly (hee, hee) plumper lady. Notice I didn't say 'bitch", I'm trying to redefine my image LOL. I watched The biggest Loser tonight while eating a frosted brownie. I'm doomed!!!! Mare ^j^

  2. It's just like I once said I'd never be anything like my dad.... and yet here I am telling my son to stay in his seat until he's finished all his dinner because I don't want to see it go to waste!