OK I’m up!!! I’m up!!!

It is a dark and dreary morning and I am snuggled in bed. The phone rings at 8:03 am. As far as I am concerned that is sacrilegious. Especially since no one has to be up at that hour in my household on that day. Anyway, it is a doctor’s office and I answer it and take care of it. I get up and go pee since I am awake, right? I know TMI? Oh well you are the one reading this and by now y’all should know what to expect from me…you never know what to expect from me. So I get back in bed all comfy and that damn phone rings again 10 min later. Really people? OK another doctor’s office. Granted mom has been ill, but is it necessary for all of them to call before the crack of dawn? Geesh! Granted if I was a normal person (no comments from the peanut gallery here folks) I would have already been up and at work for at least 2 hours, but we are not talking about normal people now are we? Ok let’s try this one more time. I let Tee-Tee out to go pee and make sure that this time I can at least, God willing rest for a bit longer. See, I stay up late and the night before I did just that. So I need, ok WANT to get a bit more sleep. I crawl into bed and start dozing and 30 minutes later the phone rings again… OK I AM UP!!! Obviously it is not meant for me to sleep. Right? I mean that is how I am taking it.

So the next day is Saturday morning and there is a pounding on our front door at 9am. Ok… does someone hate me? I am not supposed to sleep in anymore? Am I supposed to go to bed early now or what? Another dark and dreary day and there is POUNDING on m front door. UGH!! So I throw on my glasses (since I normally wear contacts) and go to the front door. I am still in pj’s and am trying to finger comb my short wild woman from Borneo hair down as to not scare the holy hell out of anyone.   

Granted I didn't have coffee or slippers but I pretty much felt like this.
I open the door and there stand 3 little boys from the house behind me. Now get this… their father (whom by the way happens to be an ASSHOLE but that is another blog) took one of their sneakers and hit it with a bat and knocked it into my yard. WTF??? And that was for???? So I let the rug rats darling children into my yard to see if they could find it. They were unable to. They think it was on top of one of our sheds. I told them I would check it out later when I was more awake.

Again I come back to bed and think I am going to try this again. The phone rang 20 min later and this time it was a wrong number! I give up. I am up.!! I am up!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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