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With all of the talk of the upcoming elections I thought this topic might be fitting for the situation.  I have entered both of my animals into The World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show on Dogster & Catster.   It is a pretty great site if you haven’t already heard about it or belong to already.  That is right here I am like the other candidates begging, praying, wishing, hoping for your vote.  I am not going to tell lies about the other candidates, because we don’t play that way.  I am not going to show you pictures of them being  bad and caught in the act or of their owners doing unthinkable things.  I am sure you can just imagine what some of those things are.  It makes me shudder actually. So I am just going to tell you about how WONDERFUL Chip & Tee-Tee are. 
I invite you to check out all of the candidates, but I implore you to come back to the sweet pictures of Tee-Tee (doggy) & Chip (kitty) and vote for them.  There are several categories that you can vote for.  I have entered Tee-Tee into 2 categories and Chip into 5 categories. 
Here are the easy steps to vote for Chip and Tee-Tee.  If you are going to vote for other animals then please don't use these simple steps to help you figure out how to vote for other animals.  :) You will just have to stumble along and figure it out on your own.  hee he
2.  If you have a FB account then you can log in using the Facebook connect.  If not then if you already have an account with Dogster.com or Catser. com you can log in and vote.  If you do not have an account with either then you will need to register.  However, I swear it is easy peasy! I promise.
3.  Once you have logged in and are on this page  http://catster.com/show10/  you will need to enter in their ID#'s
4. Chip's # is 1132482 and Tee-Tee's # is 1132484.  When voting there are 5 paw prints and you can choose from 1(being the lowest) to 5 (being the highest), you will need to decide how low or high you wish to vote for the photo and then click on the vote button.  Once it has accepted it it will say VOTED.  I can only hope that you would want to vote 5 paws for all of the pics.  If anyone needs any persuasion of any kind please let me know and we will see what we can do to accomodate your needs.  You scratch our back, we will scratch and massage your back!!  (Yikes, I am sounding just like those horrible politicians!!?
Here one of the pics I entered of Chip~

Vote for Chip in the World's Coolest
cat photo contest

cat pictures & breed info

Here is one of the pics I entered of Tee-Tee~

Vote for Tee-Tee in the World's Coolest
dog photo contest

dog pictures & breed info

~~So come on people get out there and VOTE!!!!~~

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  1. We voted for Chip and Tee-Tee! Good luck!