Happy Happy Birthday Sister!!

Happy Birthday Tina!

Just a quick shout out to my favorite half sister (oh wait she is my only sister!) to wish her a very happy and blessed Birthday!  We are so different in our ways of thinking it is almost comical at times! But that is what makes the world go round, once she realizes I am always right then things will be perfect!  ha ha (I am teasing Tina). 

I hope that she has a stress free day filled with treats and a year blessed with love, laughter and good health. Enjoy your day and know that you are in my thoughts! xo 

Tina when she came for a surprise visit to see Dad in 2006

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  1. Thanks, I am only a month and a half late in reading it. My fault. Thanks for the pic! That is actually an attractive one if I do say so myself. I so rarely like pics of myself.
    could you email me that one???
    Love ya