Happy Thanksgiving

“Turkey Day” - the infamous day that comes but once a year that allows everyone to over indulge in just about everything from watching sports and eating lots of turkey and carbs, to laying around afterwards because we are all so full of over indulging! Like I said it only comes but once a year. Everyone seems to have their own family traditions of what they eat or who does the cooking. I always find it interesting to hear other people’s traditions. Don’t you? Some are creatures of habit and others are always doing something new each year. I thought I would share some traditions of mine and of some friends.

This is "Thanksgiving"

~ A good friend of ours that is a chef went through a phase of deep frying his turkey and making a special marinade to inject into it. It was pretty tasty. Now for the last several years he enjoys making a duck instead of a turkey. I have yet to try that…not so sure I could do it. He actually leaves it to look like a duck. Umm... yeah that I could not handle.

~ Another friend of ours always has to have macaroni and cheese with their meal. If there is no homemade Mac and cheese, it is like a sin to them! We never did that growing up.

~ Some people seem to change off every other year. One year their house the next year the in-laws or a sister or something like that. Some have potluck, etc.

~For our Turkey Day there are always some things that have to be at the table otherwise it simply isn’t Thanksgiving. We make homemade Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Bread every year. I have yet to have anyone not like these breads. They are very yummy if I do say so myself. Then there are the deviled eggs. They always seem to go pretty quickly. Dad always really enjoyed them. It didn’t seem to matter if we were going to have a large gathering of family and friends or if it was just going to be “us” these items always are expected to be at the table. At those times when it would be just the three of us (mom, dad & me), dad would always say to mom and me to not go so overboard and kill ourselves with making so many dishes, but we always enjoyed it. We would say we were going to tone it down but by the time the day came it always seemed to happen. I am sure you know what I mean. For instance before you know it your menu consists of…turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, rolls, sweet potatoes, peas, relish dish, deviled eggs, on occasion we would have a small ham, cranberries, cucumber salad or creamed cucumbers (a favorite of my mom’s), creamed corn, pumpkin and banana bread, pumpkin/apple/pecan/sweet potato pie (we might have all or one), chocolate pie or cake (since not everyone likes pumpkin and pecan) and ice cream. I think that about covers it. I mean besides the little munchies that you have out before the big meal. For the most part we always did Turkey Day. On rare occasions we went to an aunt’s house. But the food was NOT good. Sorry but it just wasn’t. By the time dinner came, everything was cold. She didn’t know how to cook everything at the same time so it would be done at the same time and everything would be ready and hot at the same time. Oh well, thank goodness that didn’t happen very often and we don’t do that anymore! Now that it is just usually mom and I we do cheat a little bit I am sad to say. I think it is more because of my health than anything else. Now I order a meal from somewhere, so I get the turkey, potatoes, gravy, and rolls. Then I basically just “doctor” it up a bit and heat it up. I still do some extra sides because that is just what I am used to. LOL The deviled eggs, and breads, and peas, cucumbers and a dessert and there you have it. We still get left over’s.

My infamous Deviled Eggs
 What are your traditions? What items does your family insist be at the table on Thanksgiving?

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving. May you all eat to you are stuffed beyond your wildest dreams!

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