Christmas Past, Present and Future. . .

I can remember how Christmas was growing up and even into my adulthood. Although I basically grew up as an only child we always had nice Christmases. It was either the 3 of us (mom, dad and I) or many times my Nana (my mom’s mom) would be with us as well. We always (and I do mean always) decorated the outside of the house. It didn’t matter where we lived it got decorated. Dad took care of that. It seemed that each year we he would do more. Even though he would “complain” about it and say how he “hated” doing it and that next year he wasn’t going to decorate he would always look forward to doing it the following year. Each year we he always added something, more lights, or snowmen (mom collected snowmen so they were our theme) something always seemed to get added. Mom and I took care of the inside. In the beginning the living room would be the main room that would be decorated. It always looked nice. As time went on and we collected more items we were able to decorate all of the rooms. It looked great! All of the rooms managed to have a little bit of Christmas spirit and the outside was covered with it as well. It was always nice to have people over because they always remarked at how nice the house looked inside and out. I use to tease about our house looking similar to Clark Griswold’s house but let’s face it ours always looked better. Heck we always took first place in our neighborhood. We usually either had a few relatives over for Christmas dinner or some friends that didn’t have family and they would come over for the day. That was always nice.

Recently Christmas is lacking a whole lotta something, ok a whole lotta everything. My father passed so the outside no longer gets decorated. That sucks!! Even if we couldn’t have the house decorated as awesomely as he had always done it, it would still be great to at least have some lights up. Ya know? And now we hardly even decorate inside the house. We still have a ton of decorations for inside and outside it is just too damn difficult for me. This also sucks. All the decorations are in the sheds. With neither mom nor I feeling all that hot to trot we are not up to doing all that. It is A LOT of work to make several trips to bring in Christmas decorations, then to set everything up and then to take all of the empty boxes back to the sheds. I know that would take me several days and then would put me outta commission for several more days. I barely have a small tree up with lights only on it and a few Christmas decorations, and I do mean very few. Now it is just mom and I. There is nothing wrong with that; I mean quiet Christmases can be nice…sometimes. Now I cook a small Christmas dinner for the 2 of us and I don’t have to worry about having to entertain anyone if either of us are not feeling well on that day. We can lay around in our pj’s or stay in bed till whenever depending on how we are feeling.

As for Christmas Future I can only hope it will be similar to Christmas Past. I know that may sound a bit strange to many of you but humor me. I would like to see the outside and inside decorated like it had been in Christmas Past. I would love to be able to be the one doing the inside decorating again. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to feel well enough to have people over and cook for a house full? Be able to decorate and not be out of commission for several days? But one of the things I hope for most of all  is to have a child to celebrate Christmas with because those are the best holidays yet. Wouldn't you agree??

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