I am so flattered, thanks Dr. Wasserstein!!

In Sept 2009 I had Gum grafting done. I wrote a blog about my experience. Basically that is what my blog is my opinion and my experiences in this world. I originally was to have the procedure done by Dr. Jack Wasserstein but he did not live up to his end of the deal things did not go as planned, so I found another doctor that took great care of me. Now what I find so humorous about this is that the original blog I wrote is 9 paragraphs with several pictures and it only talks about him in one sentence. Yes that is right, 1 sentence. I guess this has really been bothering him. Granted that one sentence was a negative one but still it was one sentence. Anyway I guess he googled his name one day because he must not have much to do and came across my blog since it does list his name. So he sent me an email. Oh mind you this is an entire year (Aug 2010) later when he does this. He asks me to remove this from the web. I explain to him that this is my blog and it expresses my opinions and feelings. And anyway it is only 1 sentence. I googled his name, out of all of the pages that came up everything was positive except my one blog. Just think if I had done what I originally wanted to do and do an entire blog post just on the situation that happened with him and his office. Boy he really would have been pissed off. LOL But I refrained and only put the one sentence in. So anyway in Jan 2011, he decided to post a comment on that blog!! At first when I saw it all I could do was laugh. I mean really? And to think this is a grown professional man getting all upset over one little sentence. So he posted a comment and put “his side” of the story. I decided to leave it as is and not post a reply as to what really happened. Instead I thought I would just post a new blog and thank him for more sending more traffic to my site.

Thanks Jack!!

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