So I am in the car on my way home and it is dark, and all of a sudden I realize I don’t know where the high beams are. NO, I am not driving a new car; I am driving my car that I have driven for the last several years. Yup, you heard me; I had no idea where the high beams were located. My mind was blank. Thank goodness no one was behind me. Thank goodness I wasn’t that far from the house. I kept trying to remember where they are located. Are they on the left hand side of the dash, maybe the floor, oh wait I finally stumbled across it, they are on the windshield wipers, you just gotta push out. Phew, that was a close one.

I made it home and then freaked out! I freaked out because I would have never done anything like that before, and now it is becoming more and more “normal” for me. I hate it. It scares me, worries me, and frustrates me to say the least. Have you ever forgotten where something is or how to do something that you never imagined you would?

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