I started blogging in Mar 2009 and was so excited about starting and having a blog.  Woo-hoo!  I never thought I would go MIA for this long.  My last entry was on May 25th 2011.  That seems like forever ago.  Truthfully it all has to do with my illnesses and how well I am doing or not doing.  My well being or lack thereof truly determines if I am going to be able to make an entry or not.  And for the last couple of months my hands have been horrible.  My right hand is the worst.  Both my thumbs and my pointer finger on my right hand are at times almost unable to even use.  I am told it is related to my Lupus.  YUCK!  Guess, I have another scary issue I have to look in the eyes. Wonder if it is ok, if my eyes are closed?  Guess I gotta save up for that Dragon Dictation program.  I have it on my iPhone (it was a free app) and I LOVE it.  So we will see.

I miss blogging.  I have actually been dreaming that I was back to blogging! I know, huh, kind of sad, ya think?  I think! 

I am hoping this short entry will get me back on the road to happiness . . . blogging. 

See ya soon!!

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