Spanx ~ Flexees ~ Assets all you ever need to know about Control Wear!!

I am in love. There I said it. Ladies, if anyone out there is looking for a piece of clothing to help them look a little bit better than what they are already looking.. then this is it! Let me tell you this! I checked out all three brands.
Spanx is the top of the line and that is the one I was planning on going with. However, it is only sold at Nordstroms and there is not one nearby, so I would have had to gone into the valley, and I really didn't feel like doing that.

Assets is sold at Target. Flexees is sold at Kohl's and both are middle of the line products. I did a bit of research and had heard good things about all of the products.
I was at Kohl's and decided to try on a few different items. I unfortunately am not the web savvy person that so many others are so I was only able to "steal" or show you the pics of the items from the Spanx catalog. However, they look identical. I promise! Here are the items that I tried on...

This is a cami like tank top. They come in several different colors. You can wear it just like a plain tank top. I decided against it.

This is just a mid-thigh shaper. It goes from right under your bra to your thighs. It just wasn't that comfortable. It felt that it wasn't sitting evenly all the way around me. I know strange, but true!

This is the winner! This one rocks!! This one is so thin, you can see through certain parts of it, yet it is firm enough to hold you all in so you can see no rolls or flab or anything! This item allows you to wear your own bra under it if you chose to but you don't have to. It depends on what kind of support you are looking for. The crazy thing about this.. is it is not like any of the other ones that we all use to wear. The crotch is cotton but it completely opens so that you don't have to completely take this dang thing off to use the restroom! Can you believe it?? Someone finally got a clue!! This is so darn comfortable, yet does what it is suppose to do, I can't believe it. One more thing, they come in a variety of strengths, lite, firm, ultra.
I thought for sure I was going to want or need the firm or the OMG firm! LMAO However, I only needed the lite! I know it surprised the hell out of me too! You can go to the stores and try these items on so that you can get a better idea of how they fit and see what you will be more comfortable in or you can go online straight to the website if you like.
Like I said.. I am in LOVE.. and this thing is COMFORTABLE. Even if you have a nice body, this will make it even look hotter!!

Have you seen these people?

As most of you know I am looking for my Godson, Jacob Bryan Fromknecht . I have not seen him since Nov 5th 2008. I think of him daily and worry about him also. The reason I worry about him is because he is with his parents (Jerry Bryan Fromknecht & Angie Marazzito) and grandparents (Richard & Hortencia Fromknecht) who cannot care for him properly. They do not have the financial means to care for him. However, the worst part of all is they care more about their "drugs" then they do about him. That is always the way it has been. That is why they had always asked me to care for him. Looking back on the situation I guess I should have called protective services but I didn't want him to have to go into Foster care, therefore I thought that if I was able to just keep helping them out as much as possible and keep Jacob out of harms way I could keep this under control and keep him out of foster care.

They surprised me when they did this. All of a sudden they got jealous that I was taking better care of him then they could and came by and wanted him back. They took him with no clothes or toys or anything. They would not give me their address or anything. I only have a cell phone number that I call daily to leave messages for Jacob. They will not answer the phone or return calls. I do have someone looking for them. But I do know that there are so many of you that live in Glendale and the surrounding areas and that is where they are at.

I am begging that if you see them to please call the police or children protective services. Jacob needs to be taken care of properly and I know he is not when he is with them. They don't give him attention or try to educate him. These are the most important years of his life. I have attached pictures so that everyone will know what they look like. I know this may sound odd to some people, but believe me I am only thinking of Jacob's best interest in mind.

One last note, both of his parents have several warrants out for their arrest. It is just a matter of time before they get caught. She does not work. She has 3 other kids by a previous marriage that were taken away from her and are with their paternal grandmother. That must tell you something. Her married name is Leslie and her maiden name is Marazzito. She switches between the two. She was on food stamps and WIC. He works on a call in basis to the studios which is not often. The last I heard they had a room with a friend of a friend somewhere in the valley.
As for the grandparents... they are not able to help financially either. They feel that as long as the child is with his mother that is all that matters, even if he is being neglected. Those are the words straight from their mouths too! Scary, huh??


Exhaustion - is it possible to eliminate it?

Hopefully you read my previous blog about exhaustion . If not, you might might want to. It is a short one. :)

Soooo.. anyway I have been beyond exhausted to say the least. So I did my best at my last appointment with my rheumatologist to convey to him exactly how exhausted I have been. I have not been tired, or had lack of energy, I simply have been exhausted in the worst way I have ever been.

We talked for a moment and he asked if I had tried DHEA? I reminded him that he suggested that I start taking 50mg of DHEA daily at one of my last appointments. I had heard of DHEA way back when I use to work in the Natural Health care field (that was a few moons ago). This is a natural hormone that our bodies make and at a certain age it seems to drop off and tends to not make as much as it use to. One of the pros about this is it gives us energy (this is something I am considerably lacking), however, one of the cons, is hair growth. I am not talking about on your head either! So, wouldn't you know it, something that is good for you, ends up having something that isn't all that great. It would figure, wouldn't it? I have decided not to try and explain everything about DHEA myself, but instead to include this link to let you investigate and research for yourself.


I had been on DHEA for a couple of months and since I noticed some facial hair growth, I have decided to cut back on the DHEA. I have always had peach fuzz on my face, and now it seems to have become heavier peach fuzz. I do not like this, at all. My Doctor said I could cut back to 25 mg a day.. I will be doing this in hopes that I will still have some energy but no more facial hair growth. :)

However, since my doctor realized that I had been on DHEA and I was still complaining of exhaustion he suggested something else. He suggested Provigil. I had heard of Provigil a few years back from another doctor. That doctor had referred to Provigil as the legal option for speed! That just makes me laugh. I told that to my doctor and the poor guy didn't know what to say. LMAO He thought at first that I called it that. I said no, one of my other doctors called it that. Provigil is said to decrease the sleepiness. He gave me some samples, enough for a week. They are 200mg and he asked me to start with 1/2 a pill a day to see how they would affect me. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always seem to react to the "rare side effects" of the meds! I know I am a freak.. but at least I know that already!! Here I have attached the link to Provigil so that you can do your own investigation and research if you so choose to do so.


So, I started my first dose on Friday. I was excited and nervous. I had all my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that this is going to be a "miracle " drug for me. God only knows I need something to give me a little bit of piss & vinegar (as my Nana would say) to get me moving. I want something to work , and not have any side effects. That would be awesome. So on my first day of taking it, I still felt tired but I didn't look exhausted (so mom told me!!). I was able to do a few things without yawning and feeling like I need to sleep, I want to lay down. I did get a slight headache, but nothing like my migraines. So when I don't have a migraine, I feel like I don't have anything worth complaining about. :) I know I am told that is not true, but that is just me and the way I feel. I felt a little nausea, but nothing too overwhelming (thank god), however, looking back, maybe it should have been more so I won't eat and can lose some of this God awful weight! You think? LMAO

Saturday~ my 2nd dose. OH.. yeah when the doc told me to take the med., now this is funny, he told me to take it early afternoon, "you know when you start to feel tired". I laughed out loud and said, "oh well that would be when I wake up then, if I am suppose to take it when I feel tired!" He was like "um, oh.. well then just take it when you feel you need it, morning or earl afternoon, but no later then early afternoon." I took it again today. So far it has been a few hours, and I am still away! Woo-Hoo!! No nausea, no headache. I am happy with those results. Oh yea, did I say I am awake and haven't taken a nap today as of yet?! In my world, that is pretty damn cool!

I am asking for everyone to keep their fingers, toes and whatever else they got crossed in hopes that this new med works wonders for me. Woo-Hoo!!

Exhaustion - and I mean complete

I have been telling my rheumatologist for awhile now how exhausted I have been. Now to the normal healthy person out there who is thinking, "oh yeah, I know what you mean, I get tired too". Please be aware that if you say this to me, I might actually raise my voice at you or playfully hit you. Years ago I wouldn't have. I would have just smiled and brushed it off. However, now not so much anymore.

When I say I am exhausted, I mean I am exhausted. I am so darn tired that I can sleep 12 hours at night wake up in the morning and still be exhausted, not tired, exhausted. I can barely get my head off of the pillow. Yet, I do. I manage to drag my fat ass out of bed and clean myself up and do a few things around the house. However, lately, I have had to take a nap. Most people would think a nap is no big deal, 1 - 2 hours, what is the big deal? My naps are more like 5-6 hours and the only reason I get up is because I am made to get up. And yes, when I do get up, I am still yawning and freaking exhausted. So if you reply back to me that you are tired to, and you know what I mean, please be prepared for whatever comes your way. I cannot and will not be held responsible for my reactions to a stupid person!

I say a stupid person, because most people that seem to tell me they are "tired" are the same ones that know that I have an illness. They have had this whole thing explained to them several times, I have even sent them links to information on what I have.

So please when someone you know has an illness and they tell you they are exhausted or tired or whatever it is they tell you. Please for the love of God, don't try to "make them feel better" or whatever it is that you are doing by telling them that you are tired to. It does not help at all, it is annoying and irritating, as we only figure you really don't get it all.

This leads me to my next blog of how to fix the exhaustion...


Racism - Can you believe it still exists in this day and age and in California?!

I have lived in California basically my entire life. My parents raised me to not be racist. We are in the year 2009 and I have a tendency to think that racism doesn't really exist anymore, at least not in California.

I sometimes have heard on occasion how some of my friends or neighbors have told stories of how they felt they were treated differently because they were black or Spanish or Chinese. I always kind of felt that it just couldn't be true, I mean not in today's day and age. I always believed their stories, but a part of me also thought how horrible it was if something like that actually did happen. It just wasn't right.

A friend from work posted this link about racism. I have attached it for you to watch.


When I watched it I laughed because my first thought was it was a little dramatic, yet you hear about things like this happening. However, I still find myself having a hard time believing that this still happens in this day and age and in California. I mean, My God, California is the melting pot, right?

Well... I experienced Racism first hand. I was appalled. I couldn't believe what was happening. A short while back I was at the movies on a date. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have probably dated every ethnicity out there, it is the person that matters to me. OK.. so we went to see a movie. There were a few open seats. So we made our way to them and asked both couples on each side if these seats were taken. Both couples said they were open. We took our seats. We were not seated for very long and all of a sudden the couple on the side of my date, decided to get up and move. They moved over 2 seats so there would be a break between them and my date. They kept looking over at us for awhile which I thought was strange. I kept telling myself that couldn't have been the reason why they moved and kept looking. I made a joke to my date, that the husband probably insisted they move because he was jealous of his wife being so close to such a hunk. He liked that idea. I'll tell you I liked that idea better then what it might have been. . . racism. Unfortunately, I think I might as well admit it and say it was racism.. which makes me sick to admit it.. but it sure does seem that way.

I thought this wasn't suppose to be going on anymore? I know I certainly didn't think I would be seeing it, not anymore anyway.. at least not unless I was in the south and in a small town. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't make it OK, I just kind of understand the "backwards" thinking a bit more.

I am one of those type of people that prefers to wait till everyone leaves the theater and then I will leave. So I had the pleasure of allowing that "nice" couple to walk in front of me to get out of the row. It was awful . . . it was like she tripped all over herself. Thank goodness she didn't fall or anything. I wouldn't have wanted that.

I know most people would say how awful.. well.. I figure that was the least I could come back with to make up for them moving and the looks that he/we received. It just wasn't nice. Truthfully, if I had been on a date or with a friend, that is just not cool and I think about that almost every day. It is just so wrong. I still can't believe it still goes in this day and age.

So I guess when someone I know tells me about a situation that concerns racism or a possible racism situation, I guess I won't be so quick to think that maybe they are making it out to be worse then what it really is. Although truthfully, I still kind of wish it was.. and I am sure they do to kind of.. if you think about it.


Eat Pray Love - Book Review

Have you read that book yet? If not why not? Are you at least thinking about reading it? Well you need to be. You should be.

I had heard about the book sometime ago, and then more recently someone recommended that I read the book. I went to my local Barnes & Noble and checked it out and decided I had to get it. It was one of those books I couldn't put down. It was one of those books I tried to make time to be able to read it, because I loved it so much.

OK. . . so a little about this book so that you will realize that you not only should get and read this book but NEED to read this book. I seriously think that every woman on this planet needs to read this book at some point in their life. This book was written by a woman in her mid 30's who traveled to 3 different countries and wrote about her experiences during that time.

Eat = Italy
Pray = India
Love - Indonesia

Whether you are going through the same situation or have gone through them, or you may have something similar that you can relate to. She was able to take a year off and travel to those 3 countries spending 4 months in each country. I know how wonderful would that be? Since she is a writer she ended up getting an advance to write her next book... hence this was her next book. And a great one at that!

She had gone through a horrible divorce. It took an extreme amount of time to get settled and she felt she needed to get away and have some "me" time. She had always wanted to go to Italy to learn to speak Italian. She went to Italy and learned Italian and traveled all over Italy and met many different people. She went to India and studied meditation and prayer. She became one with GOD. It was different then she ever expected but she learned allot. She finally made it to Indonesia and studied a different type of meditation, traveled all over Indonesia, met a ton of wonderful people and discovered what Love is really all about. She lets you into her life a bit before she starts travelling and what brought her to this point in her life. She is a real person like any of us and takes matters into her own hands that many of us need to but always seem to make excuses for.

I seriously hope that this makes you want to go out and purchase the book. You will learn so much about yourself and others around you, you will be amazed. For your convenience I attached some links to help you make your purchase!




Muted windchimes

So I am all about jokes.. I mean who doesn't like a good joke, as long as no one is going to get hurt, then it is all in good fun.

Well, it tends to get really windy up here. Like when the weatherman says "breezy" you know it will be more like, being in Kansas! Our neighbor across the street, who also happens to be my mom's best friend has a ton, and I am not exaggerating of wind chimes on her porch. They cover 3 sides of her porch. So one day when she was at work and it happened to be "breezy" beyond belief, I started thinking.. I know, me thinking, huh? LOL

When it gets really windy here we will put a rubber band around our chime so that it will keep it quiet and not scare Tee-Tee our dog. This way it doesn't make so much noise. I mentioned that it would be funny to put rubber bands around all of her wind chimes and see how long it would take for her to notice this. My mom and I laughed... within minutes I was across the street putting rubber bands around her wind chimes! It was windy like crazy.. for a couple of days too.
She must have around 20 wind chimes. So you would think she would notice this, right??

Mom and I talked and laughed about it, wondering how long or if she would even notice it. We kept thinking that if she didn't notice it, one of her granddaughters would notice at least, right? OK.. nope.

My mom couldn't take it anymore so the other day my mom mentioned something to her about it. She said she saw a rubber band on one of them and thought that I might have put it on it because she knows I do it to ours, but she never noticed all of the others! We couldn't help but laugh... the funny thing is my next thought was to take 1 chime away every other day and see how long it would take her to notice they were actually missing! Do you think she would have ever noticed the actual chimes missing?? Hmmm.... I might still try that yet!!