Exhaustion - is it possible to eliminate it?

Hopefully you read my previous blog about exhaustion . If not, you might might want to. It is a short one. :)

Soooo.. anyway I have been beyond exhausted to say the least. So I did my best at my last appointment with my rheumatologist to convey to him exactly how exhausted I have been. I have not been tired, or had lack of energy, I simply have been exhausted in the worst way I have ever been.

We talked for a moment and he asked if I had tried DHEA? I reminded him that he suggested that I start taking 50mg of DHEA daily at one of my last appointments. I had heard of DHEA way back when I use to work in the Natural Health care field (that was a few moons ago). This is a natural hormone that our bodies make and at a certain age it seems to drop off and tends to not make as much as it use to. One of the pros about this is it gives us energy (this is something I am considerably lacking), however, one of the cons, is hair growth. I am not talking about on your head either! So, wouldn't you know it, something that is good for you, ends up having something that isn't all that great. It would figure, wouldn't it? I have decided not to try and explain everything about DHEA myself, but instead to include this link to let you investigate and research for yourself.


I had been on DHEA for a couple of months and since I noticed some facial hair growth, I have decided to cut back on the DHEA. I have always had peach fuzz on my face, and now it seems to have become heavier peach fuzz. I do not like this, at all. My Doctor said I could cut back to 25 mg a day.. I will be doing this in hopes that I will still have some energy but no more facial hair growth. :)

However, since my doctor realized that I had been on DHEA and I was still complaining of exhaustion he suggested something else. He suggested Provigil. I had heard of Provigil a few years back from another doctor. That doctor had referred to Provigil as the legal option for speed! That just makes me laugh. I told that to my doctor and the poor guy didn't know what to say. LMAO He thought at first that I called it that. I said no, one of my other doctors called it that. Provigil is said to decrease the sleepiness. He gave me some samples, enough for a week. They are 200mg and he asked me to start with 1/2 a pill a day to see how they would affect me. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always seem to react to the "rare side effects" of the meds! I know I am a freak.. but at least I know that already!! Here I have attached the link to Provigil so that you can do your own investigation and research if you so choose to do so.


So, I started my first dose on Friday. I was excited and nervous. I had all my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that this is going to be a "miracle " drug for me. God only knows I need something to give me a little bit of piss & vinegar (as my Nana would say) to get me moving. I want something to work , and not have any side effects. That would be awesome. So on my first day of taking it, I still felt tired but I didn't look exhausted (so mom told me!!). I was able to do a few things without yawning and feeling like I need to sleep, I want to lay down. I did get a slight headache, but nothing like my migraines. So when I don't have a migraine, I feel like I don't have anything worth complaining about. :) I know I am told that is not true, but that is just me and the way I feel. I felt a little nausea, but nothing too overwhelming (thank god), however, looking back, maybe it should have been more so I won't eat and can lose some of this God awful weight! You think? LMAO

Saturday~ my 2nd dose. OH.. yeah when the doc told me to take the med., now this is funny, he told me to take it early afternoon, "you know when you start to feel tired". I laughed out loud and said, "oh well that would be when I wake up then, if I am suppose to take it when I feel tired!" He was like "um, oh.. well then just take it when you feel you need it, morning or earl afternoon, but no later then early afternoon." I took it again today. So far it has been a few hours, and I am still away! Woo-Hoo!! No nausea, no headache. I am happy with those results. Oh yea, did I say I am awake and haven't taken a nap today as of yet?! In my world, that is pretty damn cool!

I am asking for everyone to keep their fingers, toes and whatever else they got crossed in hopes that this new med works wonders for me. Woo-Hoo!!

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  1. I've got peach fuzz too! I hate it! How's the med working to date?