Past lives??? Do you know who you were in another life?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe that you might have been on earth before? Maybe as a person or an animal or maybe even a bug (yuck!). It seems that no matter who I talk to about this subject everyone has a totally completely different point of view on this. I really enjoy hearing what others have to say... you never know what their opinion is going to be or what their "backup" might be if any.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe in past lives. I know what some of my previous lives were.

I know a pretty big statement, eh? Well, I do. I am catholic, a liberal one at that! I was fortunate enough to meet a hypnotherapist that also is known for past life regressions. I read his book and contacted him to see if I could have an appt. This was years ago. It was a great experience. I learned alot in that 2 hour session. Now, whether or not you believe any of it.. is completely up to you.. but I remember it as if it was yesterday and have it all on tape!

I was able to see that although we die here on earth, our spirits live on. The spirits go to heaven and after some time (it varies for everyone) it is either decided what life you will be in next or sometimes you may have the chance to pick what you would like. I also learned that the people on earth that we see that are "bad"people (aka convicts, rapists, etc) and seriously sick (children suffering with cancer or other people with illnesses for most of their lifetime) people are most likely paying for something they have done in a past life. I know it may sound strange but it is true. It is somewhat difficult to grasp, but maybe that is what gets me through at times. For instance, if someone was previously on earth and mistreated people, they might came back in another lifetime and be on the receiving end of that or maybe be a sick person.

I have always told my parents that I chose them. I always felt that and knew that in my heart, way before I ever had the past life regression. The regression just confirmed it. I also found out from the regression that I was going to be "sick" in this lifetime. I was ok with that.. then again at the time, I guess I figured that what it meant was I would be sick but it would be something that was curable.. ya know? Funny how things turn out, eh?

So, I have been sick since 1994. Granted that is not my entire life.. but it has been quite a while. It hasn't gotten better, but has just gone downhill. So of course, I wonder, if I am truly paying for something I did in another life. When I did the past life regression, because I was so young, I was only able to see 2 of my lives. I am not sure if that is all I have had or if there has been more. I had a great life in the first one that I saw, and my second life, I felt I basically paid for my mistakes that I made in my first life. So this one... I am still wondering...

It makes me wonder... am I paying for something I did in another life? If so, what did I do? I sure hope it wasn't something horrible! I truly believe that we are all suppose to learn something while we are here on earth.. so does that mean that I am so freaking hard headed that I am not getting the lesson that I suppose to get? If that is the case.. Jesus! God help me.. because I have more problems on my hands then just being sick!! I mean wouldn't you think so too? LOL

I don't remember when I picked this life, that I was suppose to be this sick in this lifetime! I wonder if I knew that if I would have still picked this life... I know the answer - I would have, no doubts. I wanted this life.. like I said earlier I chose my parents. There are somethings you would never change.. even if you know some of the negative things that might come with it.

So I continue to pray... continue to research my illnesses... continue to do my best to think positive... continue to trudge forward in my treatment plan.

So... I wonder what I will be in my next life... I know I joke and say I want to come back as some executive that sits in a great office and comes up with the names of nail polishes. Have you ever noticed how out of this world those names are? LOL

So...what do you want to be in your next life??


  1. I like your thought of being an executive in a great office and coming
    up with "Wild Names" for nail polish !!
    Now, wouldn't that be the LIFE ??? I'll
    have to think about what I'd like to BE
    or DO in my next life and get back to you
    later !!!! Never thought I'd be trying to
    think what dad might be doing so early on in our life ??? hhmmmmm

  2. Hey Tam, Yup I know what I was in another life. One life in particular. I was a well educated man,a respected doctor/scholar/teacher. Everyone would come to me for advice and I always knew just the right thing to help/heal them. Kinda stuck on myself, because I was so smart. In this life "I am always a day late & a dollar short." Something my dad had told me, I would always be. I gusss he was in another life with me, and he was trying to clue me in on my my present life was going to work out,heee, heee. I believe I'm here now to "listen", because people keep telling me that I am a good listener, and that I am "therapy" for them.
    Love ya, Mare ^j^