I should know better then to leave my mom alone for too long.

So most of you know that I went on vacation for 6 days. No, I did not leave her all alone. I made sure there was someone that came over twice a day to check on her (and the animals) and there were 3 neighbors that knew she was alone and they called and checked in on her. I still called her at least once a day to talk to her and see how she and the kids (animals) were doing.

I am not sure if she got bored while I was gone or if she got lonely. . .but it is amazing what you will do when this happens. My mom... well, she cut her hair so short it is only about 1/2 to 1 inch long and then decided to color it (normally a nice choc. brown) but fell asleep while the color was still on, so the color ended up being left on for over an hour which did not turn out to be a choc. brown, but more like a Gothic Black (as she likes to call it)!

She never mentioned any of this to me while I was in NY. When I arrived home, the first thing I noticed of course was the SHORT haircut and the color. :) Of course I said to her, OH! I see you cut and colored your hair while I was in NY. She smiled and said yes, and then said she needed me to even it out when I get a chance. I was like what? Are you kidding me? If I cut any more anywhere to "even it out" I might as well shave your head, mom. It is already really short. Ya know?!

So about a week after being home, I tried to "even out" her hair. I'll tell you this I didn't cut much! She has been trying to wash her hair (like a million times) so that the color will lighten up some, she says it still looks BLACK to her, but I don't think it does.

The lesson to be learned.. don't let your mom get bored or lonely!!


Looking for love in all the wrong places

OK so I admit it I am one of those girls that feel I don't "need" a man to make my life "complete". I never believed in love at first sight or a knight in shining armor or to be truthful any of that crap. I mean let's be serious for just a moment, that stuff is only for romance novels and Disney movies, right? Good.. now that we all agree on that I will get to the point.

I have never believed in dating anyone from work. To me that is just T -R -O -U -B -L -E just waiting to happen. I am sure you have all seen it before, and I knew I wanted none of that. So far maybe I have been lucky that I have never worked anywhere that there was anyone that I was remotely interested in. Put it this way, if there was I am sure the hell not going to tell any of you now!!! ha ha

So I am approaching my late 30's, OK OK I am in my late 30's and before I know it 40 will probably attack my ass and I won't know what the hell hit me. Sound better? I figured. So here I am... no man in my life. I wonder if that is such a bad thing.

Nowadays everything seems to be based on the computer (ie online dating). Yes, yes, I have tried many sites. Truthfully? If you are looking for a serious relationship, online dating sites are NOT the place to find one. Let me tell you this. They will tell you that they are looking for a serious relationship, but the LIE!! Damn them! They just want a piece of ass. You all know how you are and who you are!!! Humph!! It doesn't seem to matter what dating site either. I did discover, sadly enough, that the religious based ones, tend to be the worst! I know huh, strange? Those are the ones that come at you like vultures with no abandonment! WOW!! Calm down boys! My goodness... I don't think those guys have been talked to or touched in any sort of way in years. SCARY!!

So here I am without a man... do I think that is awful? Am I dying to have a man in my life? NO I don't think it is awful and I am not DYING to have one in my life. I am not saying that it wouldn't be nice to find a nice man that had it all together, but those are few and far in between. They seem to all want to have sex on the first date - ALWAYS! Sorry boys, I don't play that way.

So I have concluded that I am no longer going to be looking for love in any places (let alone in all the wrong places), whether it be online or what have you. If it happens to stumble across me and find me.. well then so be it. I mean it is not like I am going to ignore and throw it away or anything. It is just that I am so tired of filling out those long drawn out online profile questionnaires and uploading a photo and then going through the questions or the little emails or notes and blah, blah, blah. Ya know? Just done with it... completely! UGH!

Oh.. after thinking about this, I realized that I didn't give any info for any online dating sites, that is in case anyone out there is interested. So here are some.

http://www.eharmony.com/ - they basically find matches for you
http://www.match.com/ - you find the matches yourself
http://www.perfectmatch.com/ - they find the matches for you
http://www.lavalife.com/ - they have 4 different areas that you can chose from and you find your matches
http://www.singlesnet.com/ - you find your matches
http://www.jdate.com/ - not sure, have just heard about this site
http://www.blackpeoplemeet.com/ - you find your matches, & there are all types on this site
http://www.catholicmatch.com/ - this is one of the most perverted sites out there (sadly)
http://www.plentyoffish.com/ - have heard good things about this site

My next question to you... Do you think it is wrong to want to have a child without a father in the picture??? Like in a case like this.. never having met anyone but knowing that you have always wanted more than anything in the world to have a child. Is that wrong? NOT in my books!

Now I am entering my next phase. . .