So how was my day you ask?

To bring you up to speed my mom was scheduled to go in on Monday 3/22 to have a total knee replacement. She had herself so nervous and worked up into such a tizzy that the morning of her surgery her sugar had dropped to 40. She is diabetic and it would figure that on the day of her surgery when she is NOT supposed to have anything to eat/drink her sugar drops to 40. So I had to give her a little sip of OJ. Ok... so I will fast forward. She had the surgery. The surgery went well (yeah!). However, knowing my mom there is always complications somehow someway. She was supposed to have a spinal and it didn’t take, so they did the general and yet there was still something wrong. Right after surgery she was AWAKE and in PAIN. Did I say she was in a lot of pain? She was in so much pain that post-op didn’t allow me to come back for 2 hours. Well at 2 hours, I basically told them I was coming back. They tried everything, Darvocet, Percocet, morphine and nothing was giving her any relief. I suggested Dilaudid as she has had that before and it seemed to work. This drug is much stronger than morphine but you must be careful as it sometimes makes the patient forget to breathe. They moved her to DOU (definitive observation unit) instead of on the regular floor as she needed to be watched a bit closer. The dilaudid was able to bring her pain level down from an 11 to a 7 but only for about an hour at a time. After emailing and calling all doctors necessary last night at 10pm. This morning she finally was put on a better regime of pain meds.

Percocet – 2 tabs every 2 hours
Dilaudid – 2 mg every 3 hours
Morphine any time if she needs it

Also my cat, Chip is really really sick. So he was suppose to have another dr. appt this morning.

Ok… so how was my day??

My alarm went off at 9 am (considering I had an extremely long and exhausting day before this felt like the crack of dawn). I hit snooze and then realized that I couldn’t move. Not because I didn’t want to or because I was tired, it was because I was so freakin exhausted I literally couldn’t lift my freakin’ head off of the pillow. I finally drug my exhausted fat ass outta bed and proceeded to feed the kids (Chip & Tee-Tee), get myself cleaned up, and return a few phone calls. So my dog, Tee-Tee is diabetic and wouldn’t you know she decided that today she is going to go on strike and not eat what I give her for her breakfast. Geesh??!! Really?? Can’t you just help me out a little here? I would really appreciate it. So then I go outside to get Chip’s carrier out of the shed and just put it on the porch. That little shit sweet little boy must of have somehow heard and he ran and hid. UGH! He positioned himself in such a perfect spot under mom’s bed there was no way in Hell I was going to get him. I begged him to come out. I tried bribing. I did just about everything. At that point, he had won. I told him he won, and he didn’t have to go. I gave up.

Still Tee-Tee is on strike from eating. Now just like humans if she goes too long without eating, her sugar can also drop too low and she could go into sugar coma. Great!! That would just be perfect fucking timing. Ya know? I sit down to take a breather, because from being on the floor I am outta breath. Tee-Tee is sitting at the front door like she has to go outside, so I go over there and open the door for her and she runs away and hides in mom’s room. Ok…hello? What was that for? Can anyone please tell me? I didn’t yell, or get physical or violent, so why the hell was she hiding? (Big heavy sigh)

I call and check on mom, because by now it is noon and I still haven’t seen mom yet. This is very upsetting to me. Her nurse comes on the phone and tells me she is “fine.” What? I explain to her that I was there with her yesterday/night. Unless something major has changed I can’t imagine her just being “fine”. I mean if so great, but if that was the case, mom would have called me. So I finally get it out of her that her pain management has been changed to the schedule I mentioned earlier. I was like ok… glad to hear it. So I knew she had to be feeling a bit better but I knew she wasn’t “fine”. UGH!

I figure I will eat something before I go and see mom. Tee-Tee still refuses to eat. I finally end up giving in since it has been so long now and give the little spoiled brat  princess something else to eat. She devours that (of course). I mean we all knew she was freakin’ starving to death. Chip is still unsure and runs from mom’s room to my room. I put some food out for him and try to reassure him that he is safe for now. He is not going to see Tracy so he can relax.

And then I slump against a wall to the floor and realize that this is just the beginning of my day. I am looking for the white flag. I am ready to throw in the towel, wave the white flag, do whatever I need to do, to make it all stop.

Then I drifted off for a moment and thought…how in God’s name did I use to do this? When mom was in the hospital before, I took care of both animals kids, Dad, the house, worked full time plus and would visit mom in the hospital and do whatever there that she needed. Now I can barely do what I am doing, and I am so freakin' exhausted and can’t hide it. I hate that when I walk in mom’s room, she can see it on my face immediately that I am so exhausted. I used to be able to hide it (or at least I thought I did).


  1. Wow, Tammy...my ass is dragging just reading about your day! No wonder you are exhausted.

    My MIL had both knees replaced last spring and I know it's not easy. For her. For you. I hope the new med schedule they have her on, works. And I hope she recovers quickly.

    I have to say that I love the pic of you and the white flag. That's a great way of putting these kinds of days....white flag days. I won't tell you to cheer up or buck up, because if it was me I'd say: Kiss off! :D

    Take care:)

  2. the photo says it all. i wont pretend that i understand what you're going through, so as not to add insult. but i do want to give you a hug, even if it's from halfway around the world...


    shuttling in from SITS :)

  3. @ Christine -Thanks so much for the comments. I love comments. I can never have too many. :) Thank you so much for stoppng by. I know I don't stop by very often, but I do and always enjoy your posts.

    @Cheri ~ Thanks for kinds words and hugs!

  4. Tammy, thanks again for your kind comments on mySITS DAY :)
    I am now following your lovely blog!
    Betty :)

  5. Thanks for the follow
    Hope you're having a nice day !
    Betty :)