Chip is sick...

Chip(my cat) just had a thyroidectomy . This was just done on 3/5/10, so it wasn’t that long ago. So we were told to bring him back 2-4 weeks for post-op check. Well he hadn’t been doing all that good so I brought him in sooner than later. He has lost 14 oz in 2 weeks (wish I could lose weight that quickly), not good. He is not overweight. He has wanted to eat constantly and seems to be going to the bathroom a lot. I mean he seems to be going like the runs. Can you imagine if you had an upset tummy and were going to the bathroom like that several times a day for 2 weeks? No thank you! That is how he is doing right now. Also, if you remember, he has pretty bad arthritis, so he seems to be limping pretty bad as well. He is downright lethargic and his heart is still racing. We had thought that taking the thyroid out would have made the heart calm down. NOPE. Of course I couldn’t have been that lucky. Course then again, this is the cat that within a few months of having him, he was nicknamed the million dollar kitty. In the first year of his life he had to have sub-colonectomy. I know, huh…that is a mouthful, for sure.

Dr. Tracy the best Cat Dr. in the world took blood and has suggested that we have an ultrasound of his heart and gut done on Tuesday. She called this morning with some of the results and told me that the liver looks like it is under stress. YIKES!! So didn’t want to hear that. Hopefully tomorrow the rest of the results will come in and she will call me, as she is away from the office at a Vet Convention. However, because she is so AWESOME, she does these types of things. And for that I am so grateful.

We discussed some of the possibilities that this could be and the possible fixes:

1. He could have heart problems and may need to be put on a heart medication. So that would mean me giving him medication. Now, please remember that he is already on 2 other medications. So it is like another medication for him? UGH. I feel bad for the poor guy.

2. The other thing is it might be gut problems or IBD/IBS. The normal medication that would be used for that, he is allergic (Flagyl) and the other is steroids (which is NOT good for heart conditions).

So now I am watching him closely. I talked to him on the way home from the vet and asked him how he felt and tried to get a feeling from him. I mean I know he is in pain. I hate it. I hate that with all of my being. This is when I wish he could talk. So I wonder if he is in too much pain. But than what is too much?  I mean everyone has a different threshold for pain.  I personally think he shouldn't have to have any pain.   Does he want to be here or not? I wonder if I am thinking this way because I am in so much pain and feel like crap so much of the time and wish that I had a way out at times, that maybe I am projecting it onto him? Nah, I’m not that damn miserable, at least not yet!

So I wonder is it worth putting him through the ultrasounds on Tuesday? I don't want to put him through anything unnecessary. I don’t want to put him through anymore surgeries. I don’t want to add anymore meds to his list. BUT I DON’T want him to feel like crap and suffer any longer than he has to. Does that sound awful? I am torn completely and utterly. He will be 12 yrs old in May.

So I ask… What would you do??


  1. Awww...Tammy. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this right now...especially with everything else you have going on!

    I am a believer in quality of life. I think if he has already had surgery, is in a lot of pain right now, and is already 12 years old, I would probably let him go. I know it's hard...but maybe all of these symptoms are just his body's way of starting to shut down. Unfortunately, our pets don't live forever...and 12 is a good, long life for a cat. I know you don't want him to suffer...and I know you're struggling with this decision because you have such a kind heart. But seriously, is he enjoying his life right now? Is he enjoying being a cat? Is he lying in the sunbeam coming through the window and pouncing at yarn balls as they roll across the floor? It's a tough decision and I don't envy you. Just remember, though...he is 12 so he's had a good, long life...and can you really afford to keep trying to keep him alive when his body is trying to let go? Hang in there, girl! Let me know how it goes and what you decide...

  2. What a shame. It's so sad when our beloved critters are no longer able to sustain the quality of life we as their caretakers have given them for so many years. Although it a tough decision, there are those times we must relieve them of their suffering.

    I have been in this same position myself and, though I wanted my kitty to live forever, I gave him up - it was just the right thing to do.

    I'll keep you and Chip in my thoughts. :-)

  3. AH man, this is a tough situation. My oldest cat Little Stevie has been sick for a few years, she has poop problems, eats a lot, is skinnier all the time, and mean to the other cats. She does however love the sun, being brushed, eating chicken, and playing. So we hold steady. She's real determined to live, even if it is only to scowl at the young ones. Do you think Chip is ready to let go? It sounds like this body is saying I can't do it any longer. You have to do what's best for him.

  4. Hi! Thanks for coming by and visiting us! We're really sorry Chip is not doing well. It's so difficult to decide what is best for him. You have to go with your instincts. Talk with your vet. What does she think about Chip's condition and whether he is in pain? We're purring for you and Chip.

  5. Such a hard decision. We've faced that with our dogs over the years. We just had to finally make a decision to let them go. It seemed best for them.