Don’t put a paint brush in Jeff’s hand.

We have been having some work done around our house. Some much needed work if you ask me. We were also able to get a new stove and new fridge. If you remember in a previous blog I wrote about how nothing is ever easy and we always seem to have obstacles and yet here we go again.

Jeff our angel was over doing some things around the house. This is the retired fire fighter. I will have to tell you all about him another time as he is a great person and has some great stories. He was referred to us through a friend and literally has become a part of our family, an angel if you will. Mom and I really feel blessed to have found him. He reminds us so much of Dad with the quality of his workmanship. You just don’t find that anymore.

When we got the electric stove we had to have a 220 put in. Of course this wasn’t an easy task because we were never told it had to be double grounded and blah blah blah. Like I said thank goodness we have Jeff otherwise we would have been up a creek without a paddle if ya know what I mean. He was able to take care of this. However one of the things he had to do was cut out another opening in our house for a crawl space and work area.

The colors of our house are Navajo White and the trim is a very pale peach. He finally got the screen and door/window done like he wanted so he installed it the other day. We thought we had some left over paint from when we painted the outside of the house (awhile back). I looked but I only found the trim color. After a few minutes he tells me he found it. I was like ok. I was in the house and figured no worries. Mind you he has always told us the one thing he doesn’t like doing is PAINTING. I can hear him outside painting that area. Of course when he is done he wants me to come look at it. So I appease him and go out there to look at it. Right away I notice it is NOT Navajo White. I get right in front of it and take a few steps back and see that it is a color from when we painted the inside of the house. Which is one of the light browns!! I tried not to laugh too loud, but I just couldn’t help myself. I told him that it wasn’t Navajo White. He said sure it is. I pulled him away from the house so he could take a look at it, and while I am pulling him away he is saying once it dries it will match. He looks at it and says, “Oh Fuck, it doesn’t match. You should never put a paintbrush in my hand.” Just so the record is straight here, I never put the paintbrush in his hand. Granted I/we are grateful that he did do this, but I did not make him do this. Don’t you just love the way you always get blamed for something someone else does?

Then he proceeds to tell us, that he thinks he is colorblind! Nice time to mention that to us now bucko! So on the driveway side of our house; we have an area that is a light brownish color. And because he saw some areas in the nearby area he also painted those “scratches” so it is a bit “colorful” on the driveway side I will say. He says he has some Navajo White paint at home. However, since he says he is color blind, I just want to make sure that it really says that color and he is not going by the looks of it.

He said he felt bad about doing that. So then he offered to paint the rest of the house in the “new” color that he did the door/window in. Ummm… yeah, thanks but no thanks.

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