Phil Vassar

I LOVE country music. I was raised on it and still like it. Don’t get me wrong, I like other types, but country is basically my favorite type. The country station out here is Go Country 105 FM and they put on a holiday acoustic concert every year. I was able to go last year and it was great. What makes it even better is that the venue is really close to home, like only a 20 min drive. I mean how much better can that get? Well, this year they have Phil Vassar & Jonathon Singleton performing . I am was totally looking forward to going and seeing them. I bought 2 tickets over a month ago. A friend of mine and I were suppose to go. The concert is Sunday as in 12/6. As you can tell from the wording, I am not going.  

So I called my friend to check and see what time she wanted to meet and blah, blah, blah. I called her on Friday and she mentioned to me that she has been sick with the swine flu and then pneumonia. Really?? We have been in contact via email and she never mentioned any of that. So she just happens to mention that on Friday afternoon. UGH!! However, she says she is well enough to go and wants to still go. I was a bit worried about my immune system but I thought about it and decided that God only knows what else everyone else will have in that venue!!! I called her on Saturday and she says she doesn't feel like going. I was like what? (In my mind I was saying WTF!!) I couldn't believe it...then after I thought about it for a moment, I thought yes I could. It seems this kind of crap always happens to me.

So it is kind of late notice to find someone to go with me to the concert. She still hasn't even paid for her ticket. So it looks like I am going to miss out on a great concert. Unfortunately, I am not one of those "wild" gals that can go to a concert by herself. I think that is great if you can, but not me. I may have a mouth on me, but I don't have that much guts to go to something like that by myself!!

I was so looking forward to going out. It is rare I go out besides to doctor appointments or to do the errands that I have to do. So this is something that I had planned a month ago and was looking forward to. I had been preparing myself for this for a week, to make sure I would be well enough to go.

...sigh...(that is a really heavy sigh btw)

I thought I should include a photo of Phil so in case you don't know what he looks like you can see why I am sighing..so heavily!! 


Coughing up a loogy(totally have no idea on how to spell that one!!)

So this is when I should probably be writing in secret. However, I am not, nor am I going to pretend to be! This is when I say it how it is… So brace yourself. God help me… (However, I have decided to not use their names, only because a wonderful little girl is involved and I would never want to upset her.)

I have a male friend(who we will call) DB who has full custody of a wonderful little daughter (who we will call) S.  Basically the daughter doesn’t have a relationship with her mom for many reasons that I am not going to go into on here. I enjoy spending time with S and doing girlie things with her.  She is a very smart young girl. 

DB had brought her momma up for the week for her to spend some time with S. S loves every moment of this. I am thrilled to see S so happy and excited. However, DB mentioned that momma doesn’t really take care of herself and so he had to buy her shoes because she always wears combat boots and that would be too embarrassing to S while at the play.

So the play was tonight. I got to meet “momma”. As we were standing outside, I heard a loud coughing, like a hacking and then it happened. I was like oh no she didn’t, oh no she isn’t going to do it and then it happened. I was praying inside, oh please dear God no. I barely turned and I caught a glimpse, she was spitting up a wad of phlegm!! OMG! I couldn’t believe that! Right there outside of the school auditorium. I was mortified. I so wanted to go inside that auditorium and grab DB by the collar of his jacket and say “really you thought your daughter was going to be embarrassed by her momma’s combat boots and here she is coughing up wads of spit in front of your daughter’s school friends and family”??!! Oh btw – she wore the combat boots and not the shoes that DB bought for her. Love it!! After that I tried to gather myself and I told myself that I am sure it was just a 1 time happening. I mean right??? See I couldn’t imagine doing something like that… I don’t care if I had a wad of it in my throat; I would cough it up into a napkin or tissue but NOT SPIT IN PUBLIC!! My GOD what part of WOMAN does she not get???

OH NO!!! She did it 2 more freaking times!! I mean it wasn’t like it was just her out there alone (not like that would have been ok), it wasn’t just her and I (I mean I just met her tonight, and that still would not have been ok), there were many other people out there. But the last time she did this… she starts hitting her chest and says “Oh God, I knew I had to get that out sooner or later and laughs”. Of course I responded with later, much later would have been so much better (with a huge smile on my face). She replies to me, “You are so funny”.

The play was great. S did great in her play. I took lots of great pictures (none of the momma spitting). LOL
Funny how this is the most “blog worthy” to get written about first; Can you believe this?


OMG - My Birthday is over and I survived it

Just to let everyone know (in case anyone was concerned) I survived my birthday.  I know I know...it didn't seem likely, but I did it.  It still amazes me. I am 38!!  No no, don't worry I don't think that is old or anything.  I believe that you are only old if you feel old.  Although I feel like shit most of the time, I still am NOT old..dam it!!  LOL

I was surprised to receive so many birthday wishes on my FB account. I never in a million years thought that I would receive so many birthday wishes. I also received wonderful e-cards and emails and calls and texts to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was really nice. 

A friend of mine from NY sent me a beautiful bouquet of "flower" cookies, a great Hoops and Yo-Yo card(you know one of those that sing out loud) and a digital photo album keychain. I still have to set that up yet! I also got pj's and $$ and bath stuff and cards and most of all.. I got lots of love.

I share my birthday with my Dad, who passed away 5/11/08.  I lit a candle for him today and wished him happy birthday.  I hope that he is having a good day.  Maybe playing golf with his buddies, or riding a motorcycle or maybe even having a beer with some of his buds that passed right around the same time he did.  I know he is not in pain and I know in my heart of hearts, that he is OK.  I truthfully didn't realize how difficult my birthday would be with him not here anymore...but it is.  I cried alot today, it was a tough one this year, but I made it. I learned alot today. 

I realized that there are more people out there that knew it was my birthday then I had any idea and those people cared enough to take a few moments out of their busy days to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That meant the world to me.

Thank you everyone!
Thank you for remembering my Birthday!!