Easy Targets?

I am sure you have heard me complain or get on my soapbox about this before, but I just feel I have to air this out another time. We are being walked all over again. Why is that? Are we easy targets? Do we have “SUCKER” written on our faces? What? Seriously, what is the freaking problem?

We have had some much needed work done around the house. We have had several different “handy man” or licensed contractors here to do the work. It doesn’t seem to matter who refers them to us, if they are licensed or not we always end up getting screwed. I just don’t get it. Anyone know why this always seems to happen? I like to think we are good people. We pray. We treat everyone nice, like how we would like to be treated. I mean seriously what gives?

We go over everything we want done with them and what we expect. They always seem so nice and genuine. My mom is so trusting, too trusting for her own good. Me on the other hand we have been screwed so many times I don’t trust anyone anymore. I hate to say that but it is true. I never thought I would be like that either. It seems like even though they say they understand what we want done it doesn’t get done that way. Or even if they do, do it the way we want they might damage something else in the process and just laugh it off. Really? Really? How can someone do that? How can someone do that? Whether you are a handyman or a licensed contractor or a friend, why would you and how could you?

Some recent examples:

Our A/C was installed almost a year ago. Well it was leaking and needed to be fixed. We have tried endlessly to get a hold of the company. No one returns our calls. They were so nice when they were here to install it. However, since it has broke not so nice in my point of view. So we had to buy the parts and pay someone else to fix it.

When we had to have a 220 hooked up it was necessary to create another crawl hole in our house. So the gentleman that did that installed the new window/cover. It needed to be painted to match the house. We have several different types of pain in our sheds as we had both the exterior/interior painted not too long ago. He grabbed a can of paint and thought it was the correct color (Navajo white). When I went out to check it out, it was a sand color from one of our rooms. Oops! He said that he would take care of that. That never happened. So again, we had to pay someone else to fix his mistake. Luckily we did have the correct paint for some reason he just didn’t see it.

When the fridge was delivered it was going to be a tight fit width wise. So we waited until the “gentleman” could shave off an area on the cupboard so it would slide in easily. Oh he shaved a piece off of the cupboard. So much that part of the counter top split and broke. But he will take care of that. We are still waiting for that to be taken care of. And he ended up denting our BRAND NEW SAMSUNG FRENCH DOOR FRIDGE. That was a little upsetting to say the least. If ya know what I mean.

We needed to have new fencing done. The redwood fencing is showing its age. So he took a look at everything measured and gave us a price. His price was a decent price. So I bought all of the supplies. He finally got started 3 months later because of reason after reason and then did the picket fence. He still needs to return to straighten it out, shall we say. As for the rest of the 6’privacy fence he realized he measured or “guesstimated” wrong. Ooops!! Are you kidding me? He had me buy 6x6 panels and we should have 6x8 panels. So he loaded them all up and returned them for us. He did that like speedy Gonzales. Let me tell you. He says you can get the 6x8 panels everywhere. Really? Nowhere in California. When we bought the 6x6 panels we bought then when they were on sale. The 6x8 not made in California and SO NOT ON SALE. He tells us not to worry as he going to find them for us. He wanted to be paid for ½ of the fencing job. My mom God love her was going to pay him; until I started throwing a HUGE FREAKING FIT. I tried talking her out of paying him at all or at least not half. She still paid him, not half but still more than what I would have given him. He said he needed the money for his house taxes. SO. And this affects me how? I know I sound like a horrible bitch, right? This is the man that has told us for months, that thinks of us as family. He would NEVER take advantage of us or do us wrong. Really?? I have sent him 2 emails asking for him to come over to fix the fence and the counter top that he trashed. He has NOT responded. Trust me he so does not want me to show up on his doorstep. I don’t care of all of his neighbors are fireman, police man, and FBI people.

Four examples are enough... at least for me they are. If I remember any more I am gonna be way more depressed than I already am.

So do we deserve this? Are we horrible people? Are we too trusting? I am at the point that I no longer give people the benefit of the doubt. Why should I …. I am the one that always end up getting screwed for being the “nice one”.

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